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How to add, update and use a PIN on your Roku device

How to add, update and use a PIN on your Roku device

The Roku PIN is a four-digit code that helps in setting up the Roku account and activating the Roku device. One can enter a four-digit PIN to subscribe to Roku’s premium channels. And this process is called Roku Pay. Adding a PIN to a Roku account is an easy process.


How to update PIN in Roku Device

  1. First, go to the Roku account by clicking on roku.com/link.
  2. To update the PIN in the Roku device, click on PIN Settings.
  3. Now enter a four-digit PIN, create a new PIN or update it using the same PIN. Just make sure that both fields have pin matches.
  4. In this way, you can choose the PIN, and use the PIN for the buyers of the channel or can also close the PIN function.
  5. Go to “Save Changes” to choose the pin settings.

Tips and tricks in PIN payment methods

  • Roku pin will help to buy Roku or add channels and TV and movie purchase is final in Roku device. Roku does not return purchases.
  • Some Roku channels do not support payment with a PIN, so Roku needs to be purchased.
  • Roku requires a PIN to use a new channel like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBOGO, etc. And all these can be established through an online account.
  • Use the PIN for Roku channel purchases, and pay with Roku. And purchases made on Roku will be billed with a credit card. Or you can set a default payment method like a debit card or credit card in the Roku account and update the Roku account and add the payment method.
  • Using Roku pins and purchasing Roku devices is a quick way to access new content. In this way, you can use the PIN to update and purchase Roku.

visit for more info roku.com/link.


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