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How to connect your Roku to Google Assistant

How to connect your Roku to Google Assistant

The steps to connect your Roku media player to Google Assistant are given below, using this you can connect Roku media player to Roku Google.

roku to google

1. First of all, install the Google Assistant app on the phone.
2. Click on the account on the right side of the phone screen.
3. Click “Device” to open the tab in the device.
4. And stop in Google Assistant on the “Tools” page of your account
I can easily add.
5. Now Roku Media Player has been added to Google.
6. “Link Smart Home Device” when adding Roku Media Player to Google.
7. Now click on the search icon above the device. And do some searches for Roku.
8. Now when Roku appears in the result of Roku on the screen, click it. Or when looking for Roku in the results, search and select Roku.
9. Or, if necessary, to sign in to Roku’s account, allow Google to connect to Roku.com/link and click Continue.
10. Now select the device to which Roku wants to connect and click on it.

When this gadget is still a Google Assistant program, you can also get a handle on the Roku Networking Player. Once set, the Roku media player can allow you to adjust the volume, start the channel, search by genre, and more. And the Roku remote isn’t always simple or fast to use, but it’s convenient, and more fun. But not all channels can control voice like Netflix, Google will not respond to voice commands. For more Roku information visit roku.com/link.


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