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How to reset the password?

How to reset the password?

Roku users require an email that makes regular updates. Therefore Roku password should be made powerful. So that no intruder can enter the Roku account without permission. So check the stop password by resetting regularly. If the password is not reset correctly after resetting the Roku password, do not attempt to reset it more often. Read more for further solutions.

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Learn to reset Roku password

1. First, go to the web browser, and open Roku’s website.
2. On the top side of the Roku website, there will be a tap of login. Click on that tap to log in.
3. If the Roku user does not have an account, create an account, and if it is, click Login and login to Roku.
4. If the Roku user forgets Roku’s password, when the user clicks login, click “Forgot Password” just below that.
5. Now Roku will redirect to the recovery page where Roku users have to select one of the recovery options.
6. When Roku users select the phone number recovery option, a code will appear on the phone number.
7. Use that code so that Roku will allow you to create a new password.
8. Now Roku users will have to enter a strong and unique password and click on the “OK” tap.
9. In this way, the password of the Roku account can be changed and you can log in to the account using the new password.
10. The above steps will help Roku users to get Roku account back so that streaming can enjoy all videos.

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